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At the heart of every wedding, lies a couples desire to share their joy with family and friends and fully enjoying their celebration. Our wedding films are designed to capture these heartfelt moments, showcasing the laughter, love, and genuine connections that make your day special.

When you watch our films you'll see candid moments, genuine emotions, and vibrate celebrations that are the memories that define your wedding. We will create a beautiful and authentic representation of your celebration, so you can relive these memories for years to come.

Each film we create is rooted in a story that started long before your wedding day

More than just your wedding day...

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-Lauren + Jake

"Leading up to our wedding, we FaceTimed with James. He asked us questions about our day, our venue, and what the most important parts of the day were to us. This assured my husband and I that we had nothing to worry about. James and his team would capture everything we wanted."

-Abigail + Nick

James and his team absolutely crushed it! So many times over we have said how glad we are that we went with Light Ridge Studio for our wedding! Can’t recommend enough for anyone that wants a professional team that also adds a delightful personal touch to your wedding day! A pleasure to work with in every way imaginable!


Your storyteller, focused on crafting a narrative, timeless, emotionally driven love story film for you.