Emotionally Captivating Wedding Films

Have you ever wondered what makes a good wedding film? We believe it's your journey together, your love for one another, and the important people around you that creates a unique film that is driven by story.

There are so many small moments from your day and your relationship that have been a part of your story. We want your film to show who you are and tells the story of your relationship. We aren't just capturing snapshots of your day, we are weaving a narrative from our first call until your wedding film is delivered. 

Your story deserves more than just a highlight video...

We focus on the narrative of your wedding day and love story

with us you can expect:

Your film is crafted based on the narrative of your love story and your wedding day.

Narrative Focus

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A hands-off approach to filming your day focused on capturing things as they happen.

Authentic Approach

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Getting to know you, your story, and the things that are the most important to you.

Personal Connection

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Don't worry, we still capture all of the details you spent months planning, but our main focus will be on you and your people. To us, the best wedding films show it all with a story like no other because it's focused on your connection with each other. Your connection is unique so why not have a unique wedding film?Interested in learning more? Click below to connect!

Great wedding films are made from compelling stories

We are not your typical wedding videographer

After the excitement of your wedding day settles, we are just as excited as you are for you to start enjoying your film! Once we have your story ready for delivery, you'll receive a link with your film(s). Our wedding film hosting site makes it so easy to watch, share, and download your film!

Seamless Delivery


We work right alongside your photographer to capture all the best moments. Our goal is for your day to run smoothly, and for you both to have the best day! Our approach to filming your day gives your photographer every chance they need to get the best photos of you two enjoying you wedding day together!

Collaborative mindset

We always want to learn more. More about you and your fiancé, more about how you got to this point, and what is important to you both! Your story is so captivating and connecting with you only helps us create a better, more authentic film. We will start our journey together on a video call giving us a chance to meet and learn how we can best serve you.

Video Consultation


Where your journey begins with Light Ridge Studio

Our wedding video was seamlessly edited to tell our love story and show all of the special parts of our day. My husband and I absolutely love the video and wouldn't change a thing.

With all the expenses that come with a wedding, my husband and I initially decided to not have a videographer. I can honestly say that would have been my biggest regret. We are so thankful we chose James and his team.
—Lauren + Jake

“ Not only was the pricing very reasonable but the videos came out absolutely stunning !! They were extremely easy to work with and captured so many important parts of our wedding that we get to rewatch forever now!”

Have you heard any friends say, "why don't we have our wedding film yet?!" or "what is taking them so long?!" We don't want you to have to wait to relive your wedding day any longer than you have to! That's why we have a 4-8 week turnaround time. Often your film is ready for you to enjoy even before 4 weeks has passed from your wedding day! 

With Light Ridge Studio, you don't have to...

Why wait 6+ months for your wedding story film?

Don't worry about us getting to your wedding venue! Now I know, we live in a camper, and there's no telling where we might be the week leading up to your wedding day. Even if we didn't travel full time, we wouldn't charge you to get to your day. It's a small thing, but important to us. Want to learn about the others ways we are different? Hit the link below!

Travel fees? Not from us!

No venue too far...

Want our team for as long as you need us? Read below about our ALL DAY Coverage!

No longer do you have to worry about choosing between 6, 8, and 10 hours of video coverage on your wedding day. If you select all day coverage, our team will be there capturing your day as long as you need! Sit back and enjoy your day knowing we have your story being told, every moment from start to finish.

What does all day coverage mean for you?

What are you waiting for?

We want to hear from you! Your love story is waiting to be told, and deserves the attention to detail we provide. We'll be your storytellers, creating a memory that your family will cherish for years.

Once we learn more about your day and what is important to you, we will know how we can serve you best. Our prices for telling your love story start at 3850. With our experience and your vision, your story will be full of your uncommon love story.

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Your storyteller, focused on crafting a narrative, timeless, emotionally driven love story film for you.